Our Mission

Cornillez Group, LLC, serves clients throughout the Big Island, Oahu, and the US Mainland. Our mission is to provide the families and businesses we serve with innovative financial strategies, solutions, and planning that result in financial clarity, security, financial health and safe money. Making strong commitments to our clients and building life-long relationships are tenets of success at Cornillez Group, LLC.

We strive to truly understand you and your needs and help you get what you want.

We empower you to navigate today’s complex financial world. We customize a plan to fit your individual and family needs, as well as the needs of your small or large business.

Our Services

  • Social Security Maximization

    Your Social Security retirement benefit represents a lifetime’s worth of savings, time, and work, and is most likely your oldest and largest retirement account. Although many Americans are familiar with the basics of Social Security, very few are able to figure out – on their own – exactly the best way to file so they can get the most out of all they have put in.

    Cornillez Group, LLC and John Cornillez is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any government agency.

    Retirement Planning

    Our Firm takes pride in providing comprehensive retirement planning services to our clients. We review our clients’ wills, estate plans/trusts, taxes and insurance. Our comprehensive services integrate all aspects of our client’s financial picture in a coordinated effort to provide for financial clarity and multi-generational wealth.

    Insurance Solutions

    Some retirees underestimate the impact a big market loss may have on the future of their income. Luckily, insurance can be used to protect more than just your physical assets: it can also be used to help protect your future. Our firm specializes in helping individuals safeguard their retirement nest eggs while still participating in market growth by offering a variety of insurance products and financial planning strategies.

  • Business Planning

    Pave your company’s road to success by developing a proactive and purposeful business plan to address your common workplace needs. Our consultation services will provide you with comprehensive, case specific and tax efficient solutions to help manage your concerns and increase the efficiency of your business.

    Income Planning

    For even the most financially literate individual, planning for retirement can be a very challenging undertaking. The days of relying solely on your pension and Social Security benefit to satisfy your income needs during retirement are long gone. In today’s economic climate, historically low interest rates coupled with high market volatility rates have made planning for retirement difficult and more important than ever.

    Long Term Care

    Every year millions of Americans need some form of long-term care, and if you become one of them, you will want to have a plan in place to help you get the quality care you deserve. At Cornillez Group, LLC, we believe we have an obligation to tend to our clients’ needs, especially when they are no longer able to do so themselves, and help ensure that each dollar is spent wisely and with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Cornillez Group, LLC Generational Vault

Keeping Your Financial Information Safe and Secure
A virtual “safety deposit box” for our clients to upload important documents and view financial information.  It comprises three dynamic components, including a secure portal to send and store confidential financial documents, daily investment and banking values, as well as snapshots of financial assets and expenses to view. All data is secured with a SSL Certificate, one of the strongest encryption key available, and adheres to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Video Library

  • Social Security Maximization

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  • Income Planning

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  • Legacy Planning

    Indexed Annuities

    Empowering Women

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John D. Cornillez

President & CEO of Cornillez Group, LLC

John is a wealth strategist, specializing in retirement income planning and estate planning. He is also a licensed life and annuity specialist with over 20 years of field experience in the financial services profession.

He incorporates unique methods and technology to teach his clients a better way of optimizing and protecting their assets. With emphasis on education first, he begins by teaching his clients how money works, which empowers them to make the right choices that will improve, preserve and protect their lifestyle.

John is active in the financial services industry. A member of NAIFA ( National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) for over 20 yrs. He was elected twice as Hawaii State President for NAIFA. He also served on the NAIFA National committee for five years and participated in IFAPAC political action committee. In addition, he is also a 15 year member of the premier international financial association – the Million Dollar Round Table.

John is also proud of his military service with a total of 16 yrs  – active duty in the US Army, US Army Reserve, and the Hawaii Army National Guard.

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